UFO Cow Abduction lamp

UFO Cow Abduction lamp
UFO Cow Abduction lamp
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UFO Cow Abduction lamp
Straight from the X-Files and back by popular demand comes our authentic UFO (lamp) abducting a grazing Holstein cow right up into the bowels of this unholy craft. Holy flying cows Batman! The design is similar to the craft built by the Raytheon Technologies Corporation and often mistaken as "Alien" craft.

Based on our original design from ten years ago, this craft is reproduced as per eyewitness accounts of people who tell of encounters with inter-dimensional beings posing as "Aliens" that for reasons unknown, appear to have an appetite for prime cuts of bovine meat.

The craft is made using a durable all metal shell surrounding a glass inner core with a lamp inside that holds a 7 watt bulb—strong enough to subdue any unsuspecting Holstein. Glow in the dark alien creatures peer from the glass dome and windows on the craft. Measures 10" tall and about 9" wide.

The ray emitted from the craft is thick glass that rests on a patch of astro-turf to protect any surface area. The ray is enhanced by pigment added to the glass, allowing for the use of a low wattage bulb to achieve the same effect of a much more powerful spot lamp.

The lamp measures about 10" tall and the base of the beam is about 10" round. The UFO is about 9" round.

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