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The Atomic Brain Think Tank
Einstein's Brain Lamp
Regular price: $85.00
Sale price: $75.00
Human Brain in a Jar
Regular price: $145.00
Sale price: $125.00
Frank—Steambot Robot
Regular price: $110.00
Sale price: $85.00
UFO Cow Abduction lamp
Regular price: $125.00
Sale price: $95.00
Wilbur The Robot sculpture
Regular price: $90.00
Sale price: $85.00
Frankenstein Tesla Meter Prop
Regular price: $175.00
Sale price: $145.00
Clyde Claw
Regular price: $110.00
Sale price: $85.00
Ted Williams Cryogenic chamber
Regular price: $455.00
Sale price: $325.00

Unique gifts for unique people

Welcome to Frankenstein Labs, owned and operated by Dr Victor Karlosi and his small staff of underfed lab assistants...the place to find Frankenstein props along with great prices on human skeletons and reproduction human skulls (budget skulls and 1st quality skulls). We also create many scary props that are hand crafted right here in our Morristown NJ Laboratory workshop. In fact, we have all sorts of things in jars.

We are now creating an array of madd scientist laboratory props. Keep in mind that this is not Martha Stewart, and some of our creations may be somewhat disturbing, if not in bad taste. We hope you will enjoy scrolling through our shelves!

All our items are meant to last for years with customer delight as our number one objective.

We also create and rent props to theatre and indie film makers. No request is too small.

For any questions, feel free to contact Dr Karlosi, Tom, Carl, or Igor, our trusted lab assistants at drkarlosi@frankensteinlabs.com or call: 973-641-8854. We are always open to the purchase of unusual objects and products.

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Contact Dr Karlosi by email: drkarlosi@frankensteinlabs.com