Medical School type Skeletons Discounted...Great price!

Human Skeletons Discounted
Human Skeletons Discounted
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Made of heavy duty bone-like plastic resin, this life sized (5' 5" tall) human skeleton will fit most closets. A steel loop at the top of skeleton allows for ease of hanging for display. Arms and Legs are detachable. The skull has a calvarium cut with wired jaw and suture lines.

Though new and unused, these medical school type skeletons in many cases will not have the exact same pigment throughout due to the molding process. The bones will not always be straight as these are classified as 4th quality skeletons intended for decorative use.

This skeleton may be stained with yellow-brown latex paints to add an aged effect. If you prefer, we can stain one for you (contact the laboratory). Out of stock.

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