Frankenstein vintage Tesla Time Travel LAMP

Nikola Tesla Time travel LAMP
Nikola Tesla Time travel LAMP
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Announcing the Frankenstein vintage Tesla Time Travel dual phase LAMP, intended for serious time travellers or just to have as a very hip desk lamp that no body else has—it's a one of a kind prop! Based on designs by Mr Nikola Tesla this device harkens back to the days when time travelers needed to measure the ether around them so as not to disturb the surrounding time lines. This quality vintage wood device weighs close to 10 lbs and features non functioning gauges. If one has a particular set of skills acquired over a very long career, it may be possible to use the device for it's original intended purpose. A small cord switch turns the lamp on and off. The knobs do not function but only you will know that.

Measures 8" wide x 5" deep and about 22" tall including the height of the bulb. 2 Edison style bulbs are included, socket is standard household type 110v.


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