Human Brain in a Jar

Human Brain in a Jar
Human Brain in a Jar
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Yes, imagine having your very own living brain at your desk as your toil through the wee hours of the night! In most cases one might be arrested for owing such an object, however, this brain is not actually real—it just appears so!

2 gallon thick glass brain jar is right out of the old horror films of the 1930's!

Watch as air bubbles cascade in a never ending supply of much needed oxygen to the brain, while a 25 watt red bulb in the base section casts an eerie glow from below.A turn knob on the side of the base activates switch.

Comes with a real, (non working) gauge. The brain is life sized (Abby Normal, Albert Einstein?) and made of heavy durable latex rubber will provide years of visual delight.

A perfect gift for any mad man or woman or those who seek eclectic decor for their home or office.

Hand crafted in the USA by Frankenstein Sales tax included in price. Sorry out of stock.


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