Dr Karlosi Atomic Brain Think Tank

The Atomic Brain Think Tank
The Atomic Brain Think Tank
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A one of a kind (patented) prop invented by the infamous Dr Victor Karlosi at Frankenstein Labs.com. Our Atomic Brain prop has been featured in several horror films and on the London stage. Each brain tank is hand crafted right here in Morristown NJ. Designed with a Victorian "steam punk" aesthetic that makes for an excellent gift for those who are bored with the ordinary. Available after Jan 20, 2020.

Made of steel and aluminum with rubber hoses, a realistic life sized (latex rubber) human brain floats in ordinary tap water as bubbles from below supplied via an air pump supply the oxygen as a red spot light (included) also glows from under the tank. The brain tank is made of durable commercial quality "clear as glass" polycarbonate plastic—this is for safety concerns in case one of your caged animals escapes! The dome atop the brain tank is stainless steel with rubber air hoses. Also included is a real gauge (non-functioning). A must for anyone who seeks top quality for their office or home special effects. Built to last a lifetime and stands 4 feet tall!

(US Patent # 6,193,578)


Einstein's Brain Lamp
Imagine having Einstein's brain sitting along side you at your desk while you work or sleep?

This is the same prop used in the London stage production "A Midsummer Nights Dream", put on by Goodmann Productions at the Courtyard Theatre in London (Photograph: David Firn).

Made of thick glass on an aluminum base and illuminated by a 25 watt lamp that lights up Einstein's brain from below, creating an eerie yet soothing glow. Measures 19 inches tall and 10 inches wide at the base. Each prop is hand made in our laboratory workshop, this is not a mass produced product.

Watch as this realistic life-sized human brain appears to float about, suspended in air waiting...for a new home perhaps.

Similar to the larger Einstein's brain in a jar prop but on a smaller scale and without an air pump.

A great gift idea for those who are hard to buy for!
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Einstein's Brain Lamp LMP1
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